Nordicon has a fully operated Track&Trace system on the Export service from Sweden. This system is based on EDI information from our trucking companies and our terminal. A total of 8 different events are reported.

This status information can be found either on the Nordicon homepage, or be send as an email to the client.

1) Booking receipt (CBS)
Booking confirmation that normally gets sent after the export department has checked that the cargo can be accepted.

2) Pick up (PU)
When the trucking company has loaded the specific shipment on the truck, the driver/chauffeur sends an EDI message to their office. This message is then send to the Nordicon data base, which is later presented onto the home page.
It's important to note that the different event can easily be send out to the clients as email, and can be used as important information to the final shipper/consignee or their agents.

The information includes:

- Nordicon referense
- Location of the pick up
- Time of the pick up
- Weight and volume of the shipment

3) Arrival to the terminal (TCA)
At arrival to the terminal, the driver presents the document (CMR) to/in the reception.
When this is done, the reception logs the shipment into the computer system.
Later this data is sent by EDI to the Nordicon data base, which then gets presented on the Nordicon home page.
The cargo will also have a unique barcode sticker, which will be placed on the cargo.

4) Loaded into container (TCL)
During the loading of the console container, the forklift driver uses the barcode system. The driver will “shoot” each carton/pallet/case which is loaded. The Barcode system sends the information automatically to the Nordicon database and the homepage.
If the client chooses, this event is sent to them via email.

5) Container loaded on vessel (VDL)
This status confirms that the consol container has been loaded onto planned vessel/feeder from Gothenburg.

6) Container loaded on Mother vessel (VDT)
This status confirms that the consol container has been loaded on the planned vessel from Hamburg/Bremen/Rotterdam.

7) Actual time of arrival (ATA)
The actual arrival date is checked for each shipment and reported into the Event Chain.

8) Deviation report (VD)
This event checks if the actual arrival date is more than 3 days delayed, compared to the given estimated time of arrival. If this is the case, a report is sent to the client via email.
Nordicon is also notified, and therefore able to change the routing and choice of shipping lines if required.


The pre advice is sent out from Nordicon 1 week after departure from origin. This is the start of the Nordicon Import Event Chain.

When the cargo arrives in Sweden, Nordicon use an EDI system with the terminal and the trucking company, which sends the 5 status reports directly to the client.

1) Pre advice (PA)
1 week after departure from origin, Nordicon sends the pre advice to the client. The pre advice gives full information about the shipment and estimated time of arrival to Gothenburg.

2) Vessel arrive POD (VAD)
This event gives the actual date of arrival, and is done on the arrival date as this can vary due to the shipping line used.

3) Cargo unloaded (TCU)
When the cargo is unloaded from the container, the information is send to the client.

4) Cargo left the Terminal (TCR)
When the cargo has been unloaded and has left the terminal, a new status is reported.

5) Cargo delivered to consignee (ICR)
When the cargo is delivered to the consignee, the last status is reported.

The above status can be send to the clients as email, or found on Nordicon’s homepage.