Nordicon have a long term goal to be the most IT efficient NVOCC in Scandinavia. The purpose is to make Nordicon homepage the best tool for our clients, there should be no reasons to look further – Nordicon have IT.

Today there are a number of good IT tools to choose from, and we are continues to develop and invest in new tools. Here are todays tools :

- Calculator – get all cost for a specific shipment
- Book on line – easy and open 24.7
- Event Chain - find current status or history of a shipment
- Status reports - arrange email reports for each Event status
- Quotations - find your Nordicon quotation and upload it to your computer

• Log in by entering your username and password (received from Nordicon upon request)


The Nordicon calculator is an on-line tool where you are able to access all your import and export rates and calculate the total transport cost for your shipment. The calculator is specially designed to simplify the operational process for our customers. To use the calculator, follow the simple steps below:

• Log in by entering your username and password (received from Nordicon upon request)
• Choose whether you want to use the export or the import calculator
• Choose the destination country and port (export)
• Choose the origin country and port (import)
• Fill in the colli, weight and m³
• If your shipment requires inland pick up or delivery enter zip code
• Press "calculate rate"

For export: After the calculation is done, the agent at the destination appears in mid left. Also, next possible departure/vessel is suggested on the right hand corner. You can choose departure under "vessels".

The calculated shipment can now also be booked on line. Start by selecting the vessel and departure date in the schedule on the right hand side. When completed, press "Send booking". The booking will be confirmed 'received' with a booking receipt by mail (note that booking is not finally confirmed until a booking confirmation is received).

Online booking - Export

You can easy send an export booking on line via the "Export Calculator":
Log in by entering your username and password (received from Nordicon upon request)
• Choose the loading country and port (export)
• Fill in the colli, weight and cube
• If your shipment requires inland pick up or delivery, enter zip code
• Press "send booking"
• If you have read "terms & condition" please press "send", if not press "Cancel". Read the terms & conditions
• Fill in required information in each box, press "send"
• The booking is now send to Nordicon database
• A booking confirmation with booking number will be send to you shortly

Event chain

The demand on information is getting more and more important. Nordicon have the goal to give all our clients status information on their cargos to and from all ports we serve.
Today the Event Chain is working in Sweden, and the system will be up and running for Norway, Finland and Denmark asap.

Choose Event chain
Here you can find all your shipments booked with Nordicon. Press one specific shipment or enter the Nordicon reference.

Press “Search” – now the details for the chosen shipment appear.

Press “See full history” – now each status is presented in a list when each status actually happened.

Status reports

Each of the Event status can be send to you as email. This information is very good to use if you have clients or agents who are asking for information about their shipment.

To arrange email reports:

- Press "Change" at right side, for each status
- Key in your email address
- Press "Save" at right side
- To start the email information, press "Turn on" at left side, or "Turn off" if you don't want the email information.

For Export, you can receive following status reports:

- Pick up at shipper
- Arrival to the warehouse
- Cargo loaded, this status includes the container number
- Container departed the port of loading (Gothenburg as example)
- Container departed the port of transhipment (Hamburg as example)
- Actual time of arrival – ATA
- Deviation report, difference between ETA and ATA.

For import, the following status reports is working at this moment:

- Cargo arrive to the port of discharge – Gothenburg as example
- Cargo unloaded at the warehouse
- Cargo left the warehouse
- Cargo delivered to consignee


This tool helps you to find your rates/quotations from Nordicon. If you need to get all rates Nordicon offer on Export or/and Import, you can easy go to this tool and find valid rates.

- Press "My Agreements". Here you find valid rates export or import.

- Press "Email Agreement". In this page you can chose an agreement you want on email.

- Chose which agreement you want send to you on email, under "Available agreements".

- Choose address the email should be send to, from the list of persons under "Add email".

- You can also type the address under "Add email".

- The press "Send" and the chosen agreement will be available in your email shortly.